Dr. P. Mahanamahewa

Dr. P. Mahanamahewa

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Law, University of Colombo, Colombo-03, Sri Lanka. Email: prathiba@law.cmb.ac.lk mahanamahewa@yahoo.com Telephone: 0777399901

  • Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka (First Class) Final Examination 1993
  • Arbitrator, Sri Lanka Arbitration Center
  • Law of Contract
  • Business Law
  • International Trade law
  • Information Technology Law
  • Legal Research Methododlogy.
  • Information Technology Law and Privacy
  • Human Rights


  • Address to the Jury Contest Gold medal, University of Colombo, Faculty of Law, 1993
  • National Science Foundation Grant 2008, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka Research Grant 2007/2008
  • World Bank Research Grant on Ph.D programme 2002-2005
  • University of Queensland travel grant for the World Data Protection Commissioners Conference, Poland 2004
  • University of Melbourne, Research Grant on Postgraduate Conference 2002
  • Australian Research Council grant for the Future Researchers 2004


  • International Institute of Human Rights award France 2000
  • International Bar Association Young Lawyers Award 2003 for the IBA
  • Business law conference, San Francisco, California USA, 2003
  • Electronic Privacy Information Centre (USA), Privacy in new era (2004) travel grant

♦    Sri Lanka Bar Association
♦    Advisory Board Member – EQUAL GROUNDS-
♦    Visiting Lecturer, Bandaranayake Center for International Studies, Sri Lanaka
♦    Visiting Fellow, Graduate School, University of Tribhuwan, Nepal
♦    Visiting Lecturer, Sri Lanka Police Academy, Katana
♦    Visiting Lecturer, Sri Lanka PoliceCollege, Kalutara
♦    Visiting Lecturer, Training Center Spesial Task Force, Katukurunda, Sri Lanka
♦    Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Management, Uva Wellassa University, Badulla, Sri Lanka
♦    Visiting Lecturer, University of Colombo, School of Computing, Sri Lanka
♦    Visiting Lecturer, Department of Engineering and Computing, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
♦    Visiting Lecturer, Journalism Unit, university of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

  • Founder Dean, Faculty of Law, Kotelawala Defence University, Sri Lanka (2011-2015)
  • Hon. Commissioner, Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (2012 – 2015)
  • Hon. Commissioner, National Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (2012 – 2015)
  • Member, Ethical Review Committee, Mental Health Institution, Sri Lanka (2010 onwards)  Consultant, Monash University, Sri Lanka Branch (First Year), American National College Sri Lanka  (2008-2011)
  • Consultant, Northwood University and Pattern University, USA, Sri Lanka Center American National College (2007-2012)
  • External Advisor, Law School, Staffordshire University, UK,  Sri Lanka Center, APIIT Law School
  • Chairman, Human Rights Act amendment Committee of HRCSL (2012-2015)
  • Member, Bar Council, Sri Lanka Bar Association
  • Chairman, Information Technology Law committee, Sri Lanka Bar Association
  • Reviewer International, Telematics and Informatics – Science  Direct Journal  Ms. Ref. No.:  TELE-D-11-00037
  • Reviewer:  Science Direct Journal
  • Book Chapter on “Freedom of Expression and Journalist Rights”   published by the Centre  for the Studies of Human Rights, University of Colombo, 2008
  • Citation made in Human rights and Privacy Year Book of International Privacy Organization,uk– 2008.
  • Privacy and Human Rights Report 2006, cited, Constitutional Privacy Framework    and Data   Protection, Republic of Sri Lanka EPIC — Privacy Mahanamahewa http://www.worldlii.org/int/journals/EPICPrivHR/2006/PHR2006-Republic-28.html
  • Young Lovers and Naked Women had better watch out, The Economist Magazine, USA , 28.10..2010, Page 14,  http://www.economist.com/node/17361560
  • Time to Discuss Gay Rights in Sri Lanka, Gay Times Magazine, UK, August 2015
  • Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia strike labour deal, www. Asiansun.lk
  • The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has proposed to the government that death sentences imposed on convicts be converted to life imprisonment, http://www.asiapacificforum.net/news/sri-lanka-convert-death-sentences-life-prison/
  • Bangladesh bans top umpire for 10 years, Times of Oman, 18.03.2013, http://timesofoman.com/article/11853/Sports/Bangladesh-bans-top-umpire-for-10-years
  • India-Sri Lanka Strengthening SAARC, https://books.google.lk/books?isbn=818424844X
  • Lanka rights body recommends abolition of capital punishment, http://www.southasianmedia.net/stories/south-asia/lanka-rights-body-recommends-abolition-of-capital-punishment-story   Welikada Prison Clash Core issues must be addressed Commissioner, SLHRC, Sunday Observer, 18.10.2015, Page 14
  • Privacy and Human Rights in Sri Lanka, Privacy International
  • Mahanamahewa, P. “Formation of Military Cyber-Intel Command Headquarters for combating illegal Cyber Movements against Sri Lanka Cyber Grid” (2015), Sri Lanka Journal of International and Comparative Law, Vol. 01 PP 151-159
  • Mahanamahewa, P. “Computer Monitoring and Right to Privacy: A Comparative Analysis of Sri Lanka and India” (2013) India-Sri Lanka Relations Strengthening SAARC Editors Prof. R. Sidda Goud and Manisha Mookherjee Allied Publishers PVT LTD India PP 291-304
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  • Mahanamahewa, P. “On-line Rights for On-line workers” (2011) law Magazine, Vol 01. PP 04-10
  • Cyber warefare Conference “Lawless on the Cyber Frontier” by DrPrathibaMahanamahewa, University of Colombo 2011 Feb 23rdGaladari,http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20110223_03
  • Biomedical informatics progrrame, developing the draft versions of ehealth road map and standards and guidelines to the ministry of health, Sri Lanka, 2011, Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo
  • Mahanamahewa,P.”Internet and Crime” Law Asia Business law conference 12th and 13th march 2011 Galadari, www.basl.lk
  • Mahanamahewa P. et.al, “Sustainability of Tele-Medicine Applications in the Developing World” 11th Annual Global Information Technology Management Association (GITMA) World Conference 2010, June 20 – 22, 2010 Washington, D.C., USA, http://udel.edu/~mnbaqir/gitma2010/GitmaProgram2010.pdf
  • Mahanamahewa, P. “E.mail and Internet Monitoring in Workplace”, National Law Confrence, 2010 Galadari Sri Lanka October 23 and 24 at the Cinnamon Grand, Colombo. www.nationallawconference.com
  • Mahanamahewa, P. et al. “A Sustainable Approach for eHealth in Emerging Countries” – Med-e-Tel 2010, Luxembourg (http://www.medetel.eu/index.php)
  • Mahanamahewa, P. et al.  “BudhuDas: An eHealth Business Model for Emerging Countries” – IST-Africa 2010, Durban, South Africa (http://www.ist-africa.org/Conference2010/default.asp) Subject: SecureIT 2010- National Convention on ICT in Public Safety and Security
  • Mahanamahewa, P. The Rights of the Digital era” presented at  the Faculty of law University of Colombo research symposium May 2010 (published by the University of Colombo)
  • Mahanamahewa, P.  “Corporate Law and Commercial Law”, Supplementary Reading Book on Company and  Commercial Law for Grade Students of Chartered Accountants Stratergic Level – Joint Project by the Institute of Chartered Accounts Institute and World Bank, 2010
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  • Mahanamahewa, P. (2005) “Guide to e-mail and Internet Policy in the workplace through ISCT Lens” Proceedings of the Computer society 24th Annual conference to be held in August Sri Lanka
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  • Mahanamahewa, P. (2005) “Workplace privacy in the digital age” paper presented in the conference university of New South Wales, Sydney 2-3 February
  • Mahanamahewa, P. (2004) “Paper presented Workplace and data protection” Paper presented at the FIAN Bi-annual Conference, Manila 7-10 June
  • Mahanamahewa, P. (2003) “Digital forensic” Paper presented at the computer science and engenieering society of university of Moratuwa, Colombo 4-5 July
  • Mahanamahewa, P. (2006) “The Way Forward” Paper presented at the First Information Technology Law Conference, Sri Lanka Bar Association Colombo 4-5 December
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  • P. Mahanamahewa, Data Protection and Privacy policies related to E-Transaction, Law Asia Business Law conference 12th and 13th March 2011 Galadari, Colombo, Sri Lanka

M.Phil/Ph.D Supervisor, LL.M/MSc Supervisor

♦     University of Colombo, Sri Lanka,
♦     University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka
♦     Local Supervisor, University of Stockholm
♦     University of Cardiff London, Sri Lanka Branch, ICBT
♦     Defence College, Maldives
♦     Ph.D Thesis Supervisor, University of Kalaniya, Graduate School
♦     M.Sc Thesis Supervisor, University of Moratuwa, Department of Computer science and Engineering
♦     MBA, Thesis supervisor, University of Wales, UK
♦     MA, Thesis Supervisor, University of Tribuwan, Nepal


♦    Chairman, Information Technology Law Committee, Sri Lanka Bar Association