Mr. H. A. Menaka Harankaha

Mr. H. A. Menaka Harankaha

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Law, University of Colombo, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka. Phone: +94(0)777873701(Mobile) +94-(0)323321562(Home) +94(0)112500962(Office)

  • LL.B (Hons), University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • MPhil in Law, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • PhD
  • Attorney at Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka
  • Awarded Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education by the University of Colombo

♦     Intellectual Property Law
♦     Constitutional Law

♦     Intellectual Property Law

♦     Resource person in the Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration
♦     Resource person in the Institute of Human Rights
♦     Resource person in the The Management Faculty of the University of Colombo
♦     Resource person in the The Postgraduate Institute of the University of Colombo.

  • TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE (TK) OF COMMUNITIES: PROTECTION AND REDEVELOPMENT IN THE FACE OF EMERGING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS REGIME-A paper present to the Annual Research Symposium conducted by the University of Jaffna December 2010. The abstract of the paper is published in the Proceedings of the Abstracts 116 p.
  • A Review on the Proposed Act for the Protection of New Plant Varieties
  • (Breeders Rights) – A Critical Analysis- A Paper presented to the Annual Research Symposium of the University of Colombo, June 2011 and published in the Proceedings, 159 p
  • Property rights v. Human rights- A Patent law Perspective- A paper presented to the 60th Anniversary Research Symposium of the Faculty of Law 2007.

Patent Law Issues: A  Third  World Perspective with Special Reference to Sri Lanka-Some Substantial Issues and Limitations of Patent Rights (MPhil Research Thesis)

♦     Supervised 03 Candidates for the post Graduate Diploma in Human rights
♦     Proposed Supervisor for 02 MPhil Candidates attached to the Faculty of law, university of Colombo

The Course Director, Intellectual Property LLM Law Course, Faculty of law, University of Colombo