Prof. Sharya Scharenguivel

Prof. Sharya Scharenguivel

Professor of Law

  • LL.B. (Hons.)(University of Colombo)
  • M.A. (Oxon)
  • LL.M. (Harvard)
  • M.Ltt (Oxon)

♦     Legal systems

♦     Labour Law

♦     Family Law

♦     Women’s Rights

♦     Children’s Rights

♦     Family law

♦     Legal Systems

♦     Harvard Law School Graduate Fellowship (1976-1977)

♦     Commonwealth Association (1981-1983)

♦    Commonwealth Scholarship

♦    Inns of Court Fellowship London (1991)

♦    Benians Fellowship St. John’s College Cambridge (1992-1993)

♦    Visiting Fellowship Clare Hall Cambridge (2000)

♦    Visiting Fellowship Balliol College Oxford (2000-2001)

♦    Life Fellowship Clare Hall Cambridge (2000)

♦    Zonta Woman of Achievement (for Law) (2000)

♦    Honorary MA University of Oxford (2000)

  • Member, Income Tax Board of Review, Inland Revenue Department
  • [Highest Internal appellate body dealing with income tax appeals] (1988-1996)
  • University Grants Commission, Standing Committee on Social Science [1989-1992 and, 1996-2000]
  • Natural Resources Energy and Science Authority of Sri Lanka Steering Committee on Social Sciences 1997 to May 2000. [Now reconstituted as National Science Foundation]
  • Member, Board of Management, Sri Lanka Foundation [A statutory body constituted to promote understanding and respect for the observance of human rights and diffusion of knowledge] (January 1989 to November 1995 and also 1997 to May 2000)
  • President, Soroptimist International of Colombo [1998-1999]
  • Board Member Coalition for Action on South Asian Co operation [CASAC] Sri Lanka Chapter (1998 – 2003)
  • Board Member, Ceylon Social Service League
  • Sectoral Committee on Justice Ministry of Justice, Law Reform and National Integration.[2003]
  •    Councillor Soroptimist International Sri Lanka’s Representative on Federation Executive Board [2003-2007]
  • Member Committee to make Recommendations on Increasing Enrolments to Universities  [2004]
  • Member Education Cluster National Council for Economic Development [2004]
  • Board Member National Child Protection Authority [2004]
  • Board Member World Vision [2006]
  • Working Group Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Empowerment (2007)
  • Law Commissioner Sri Lanka Law Commission  [2008]
  • Committee on Thesawalamai Reforms [2009]
  • Committee on Muslim law Reforms [2009]
  • Committee on Reforms in Family Law [2009]
  • Committee on National Action Plan for Children [2009]
  •      Present editor –  University of Colombo Review
  • Marriage Breakdown and the Duty of Support (1984)
  • Parental and State Responsibility for Children: The Development of South African and Sri Lankan Law (2006)
  • Selected Aspects of the Muslim Law of Marriage [University of Colombo Review, 1988]
  • Duty of Support and the Illegitimate Child [Law Commission Bulletin, 1988]
  • Recent Trends in the Law of Parent and Child [Sri Lankan Journal of Social Science 1990]
  • The Illegitimate Child: A Recent Case [Colombo Law Review, 1990]
  • Resolving custody disputes between married parents in Roman Dutch jurisdictions: Will English Law continue to be relevant [Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa 1993]
  • The Extra Marital Child and His Father’s Right of Access: Recent Trends [Bar Association Law Journal,1993]
  • Children’s Rights [Sri Lanka State of Human Rights Law and Society Trust 1993]
  • Review of Sri Lankan Child Law in the Light of the Convention on the Rights of the Child [Sri Lanka Journal of International  1994]
  • Children’s Rights, [Sri Lanka State of Human Rights 1994, Law & Society Trust, 1994]
  • Joint Custody: A Solution? [Colombo Law Review, 1995]
  • Family Law and Medical Science [Bar Association Law Journal, 1996]
  • Children’s Rights, Sri Lanka State of Human Rights 1997 [Law & Society Trust, 1997]
  • Teenage Autonomy, Parental Authority and Courts Powers after the Gillick Case [Colombo Law Review,1998]
  • The Transformation of the Family, An Agenda for Reform: The Sri Lankan Experience  [Sri Lanka Journal of Social Sciences 1998]
  • Welfare of the Child vs. Parental Rights: A Critique of Re M [Child’s upbringing] [Bar Association Law Journal 1999]
  • Resolving Custody Disputes Between Married Parents: The Development of South African and Sri Lankan Law [Sri Lanka Journal of International Law 2001]
  • Hindu Women and Marriage Law from Sacrament to Contract [A Review Cambridge Law Journal 2002]
  • Women and the Civil Law; An Agenda for Reform [Commemorative Volume Law Commission 2003]
  • Reforming the Marriage Laws of Sri Lanka (2010 International Survey of Family law Jordon Publishers UK)
  • A Review of the Situation of Children  [Paper prepared for the SAARC Summit 1988. Responsibility limited to part 3 of the report]
  • Proposed Reforms to the Law Relating to Divorce and Related Issues [Ministry of Justice1991 [Joint Work]
  • Report on the Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child [Report – Marga Institute 1994. Responsibility   limited to attached portions of the report]
  • A Critical Analysis of the Maintenance Act No 37 0f 1999 and its Impact on Women and Children [Report – Ministry of Women’s  Affairs Commissioned to Development Studies Institute 2002 Joint work]
  • Insanity and Criminal Responsibility in Sri Lanka [Law Asia Conference 1979]  (Joint Paper)
  • Legal Education in Sri Lanka  [Regional Symposium on Intellectual Property Law Teaching and Research in Asia and the Pacific Conferences [Beijing 1988] (Joint Published in full)
  • Status of Legal Education in Sri Lanka from the Perspective of Providing Legal Services for the Poor [Asian Seminar on Role of Law Schools in the Delivery of Legal Services to the Poor and Disadvantaged Groups Bangalore 1990]
  • An Overview of the Law Relating to the Child in Sri Lanka in Relation to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Conference [ National Law Conference 1990]
  • Justice in Sri Lanka: A Review [Workshop – Juvenile Justice and the Rights of the Child: A Challenge for the 21st Century. Asia Pacific Training on Juvenile Justice and the Rights of the Child 1994 Bangkok Thailand]
  • Sri Lanka: A Perspective on Universal Primary Education and Child. Labour [Conference – Child Labour and Universal Primary Education in the SAARC Region Soroptimist International of Colombo 1996]