Law goes Green – 2018

Law goes Green – 2018

Department of Public and International Law of the Faculty of Law is planning to hold the annual environmental law programme named Law Goes Green 2018” in the month of March that  celebrates the passionate activism of students of the law towards building a greener, healthier and safer world for all beings. Law Goes Green in 2018 for the 5th consecutive time aspires to spark interest of university as well as school students and the community as a whole, in environmental threats looming ahead. For this year, we have an interesting lineup of events planned to raise awareness on challenges to environmental protection and the importance of sustainable development. 


Proposed Projects-

 1.      Faculty grounds clean-up, beautification and tree planting campaign.

2.      Inter-faculty green debate competition.

3.      Intra-faculty green drama competition.                                                                                                                               

4.      Intra-faculty nature poetry competition.

5.      Inter-school case study presentation competition.

6.      Implementing a ‘No Polythene’ policy in the submission of assignments.

Launching of a website to promote environmental laws and regulations and to use this website as a platform for the undergraduate and postgraduate students to publish research papers and other publications.    

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