The Faculty of Law of the University of Colombo is the premier seat of legal education in Sri Lanka which boasts of an unparalleled tradition of academic prestige. The history of the Faculty can be traced back to 1947, when the Department of Law was established under the auspices of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ceylon. In 1950, the Department of Law of the University of Ceylon was shifted to the University of Peradeniya and operated under the Faculty of Arts. It was relocated to the University of Ceylon in 1965 and was exalted to the ‘Faculty of Law’ in 1967.

Since its inception, the Faculty has immensely contributed to moulding and nurturing the Sri Lankan legal system. Many generations of legal luminaries have passed through its halls. Our impressive network of alumni includes leading figures in the professional, political and academic spheres, whose contributions in numerous fields have been celebrated both nationally and internationally. The Faculty also has a diverse community of academic staff, whose unique perspectives, experiences, and critical thinking add value and meaning to the study and understanding of the law. Our academic staff includes distinguished professors and renowned academics whose cutting-edge scholarship has been published in prestigious academic journals around the world. Our academic staff members are also influential figures in the social and political arenas. The rich and vibrant scholarly community helps to keep alive the robust tradition of academic excellence.


Prof. N Sampath Punchihewa

Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo

Our students are resilient, dedicated, and hardworking and their intellectual rigour and enthusiasm for the law are highly commendable. It always gives me great pleasure and pride to witness our students’ academic achievements. The Faculty has a fulfilling learning environment which immensely benefits students. It conducts both undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes in law. In addition to the diverse range of subjects that we offer in both taught and research degree programs, we are now incorporating emerging areas of law into our curriculum. Our international partnerships with top-ranked universities provide opportunities for students to engage with international legal experts in different fields of law. Every year, the Faculty conducts a series of conferences, workshops and webinars dealing with pressing issues of law. We encourage students to broaden their critical thinking and to sharpen their creative acumen with a vision of preparing them for a wide range of careers in a changing world. We also aim to inculcate ethical, social and moral values in them. Altogether, the alumni, the academic staff and the students contribute to the intellectual life of the Faculty of Law, upholding the faculty’s long-standing tradition and reputation for academic excellence.  It is an honour to serve as the Dean of this prestigious institution and to work with such an outstanding team of talented colleagues, students, alumni, and well-wishers. I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our programmes and ways in which you can connect with the Faculty of Law.