The Department of Commercial Law of the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo offers a Diploma in Commercial Law Course for interested and suitably qualified applicants. The Diploma Course is to be offered in English, Sinhala and Tamil subject to the required minimum number of qualified applicants.

Why a Diploma in Commercial Law?

In the complex, fast paced and globalised corporate environment we often encounter in our careers or daily activity, it is commercial law that puts in place, regulates and navigates the framework. From companies, to partnerships, to the minor contracts we engage in every day, commercial law forms an intrinsic part of our day to day lives. It is impossible to escape its application. The need to familiarise oneself with commercial law is no longer specific to lawyers alone. The Faculty of Law, University of Colombo has decided to introduce the Diploma in Commercial Law to address this need.

What are the objectives behind the Diploma in Commercial Law?

The Diploma caters to both lawyers who lack familiarity in commercial law and non-lawyers. It aims to equip students with an understanding of basic concepts, principles and theories in relation to business contracts, company law, partnership law, information technology law and employment law, while also facilitating students in the application of conceptual and theoretical foundations and statutory provisions to contemporary issues of commercial law.

How do you know if you're qualified to follow the Diploma in Commercial Law?

Applicants are required to satisfy any one of the following:

  • possess a minimum Degree or a professional qualification from a recognized institution;
  • three passes in G.C.E. (A/L) with two years’ experience in the relevant field;
  • six Credit passes in G.C.E. (O/L) with five years’ experience in the relevant field
  • or seven years’ experience in the relevant field.

Admitted candidates will be required to pay a course fee of Rs.50,000.