Presentation of Draft Bills -2017

Presentation of Draft Bills -2017

“Presentation of Draft Bills”, an event, hosted by the Department of Private and Comparative Law, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo, was held on 6th December 2017 at the faculty premises.

The event was organized with the objective of enhancing the research and drafting skills of the third-year students following the course “Interpretation of Statutes”. The event showcased the best draft selected from each medium, based on their clarity, adherence to laws of interpretation and drafting skills.

Each team was given the opportunity to present their bills to the expert panel comprising of Hon. Justice A.H.M.D. Nawaz, from the Court of Appeal, Sri Lanka, Mr. N. Sivakumaran, Deputy Legal Draftsman, Senior Consultant, Legal Draftsman’s Department, Sri Lanka, Prof. Camena Guneratne, Professor of Law and Former Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Open University of Sri Lanka, Ms. Deepthika Kulasena, Deputy Legal Draftsman, Legal Draftsman’s Department, Sri Lanka, Mr. S. Selvakunapalan, Senior Assistant Legal Draftsman, Legal Draftsman’s Department, Sri Lanka

The presentations were followed by comments from the members of the expert panel, who gave constructive feedback on the draft bills for further improvement. The members of the teams and the other students present at the event benefitted from the comments made by the members of the panel. The three teams were also presented with medals and certificates in appreciation of their performance.