CDP4Law Programme 2022

In February, the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo awarded certificates to students who successfully completed and submitted their portfolios for the CDP4Law Programme 2022 organised by the Career Guidance Unit. The event was presided over by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, who congratulated the students on their achievement and encouraged them to continue to equip themselves with knowledge, skills, and tools they need to succeed in the legal profession.The Career Guidance Unit focuses on helping students identify their strengths and interests, explore potential career paths, and develop the skills required for success in the legal profession. Hence, the CDP4Law Programme 2022 aimed to provide an opportunity for students to enhance their learning and development in terms of career prospects and opportunities. The programme was specifically designed to develop integrity, professionalism, and commitment to continuous professional development in each participant. To achieve this, four modules were made available to students asynchronously to cover key aspects of career guidance. As the Faculty was working online at that time, this was the most effective way to reach the students.

Workshop I focused on identifying career prospects in law. This workshop helped students to explore different career options within the legal profession and understand the requirements and expectations of each career path. Workshop II focused on identifying career goals for self and developing a career plan. Students were encouraged to reflect on their personal aspirations and align them with their career goals. Workshop III emphasized professionalism, which is an essential quality for a successful legal career. Students learned about the importance of ethics, confidentiality, and communication skills. Workshop IV was dedicated to developing a CV. This workshop provided practical guidance on how to create a professional CV that showcases students’ skills and experiences in the best possible way.