Extending support on inventions relate to Fight Against COVID 19

Sri Lanka Inventors Commission (SLIC) has strengthened the system to support any invention, which is directly relate to Fight Against  COVID 19.

This can be:
1. Just an idea
2. Concept
3. Prototype
4. Finish product
5. Design

Whichever the stage is, SLIC is going to support them in all possible ways to introduce this to the community, while ensuring the Intercultural Property of their product/concept.

SLIC supports them on:

a. The patent documents
b. Finance them for testing (local/international)
c. Technical assistance
d. Provide financial assistance to buildup prototypes.
e. Provide grants/loans for start-ups
f. Support them to find out possible investors.



Professor R.U. Halwatura

Sri Lanka Inventors Commission
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