About the Course

The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree is a full-time advanced study and research for a two-year period. Each student will work with a supervisor to submit a thesis on the approved subject/area consisting of not more than 50,000 words within 2 months after the end of a two-year study period. 

The programme provides a thorough training on research methods and techniques, and includes an assessment based on a thesis submitted by the students. Prior to the self study period, a series of sessions on research will be conducted for the students to equip them with the required knowledge to conduct research. Research skills gained during the course of study will not only support students in completion of the programme, but will also assist in their career.


The Faculty of Law will allocate a research supervisor for each candidate depending on their preferred area of study. While it may not always be possible to accommodate the preferences of incoming graduate students. Depending on the required area of expertise, students may also be assigned supervisors from outside the Faculty of Law.

The Supervisor will work closely with the student, discuss his/her work and provide feedback and advice. 

Students are expected to meet their supervisors routinely throughout the programme to discuss the progress of the research. 

Application for the 2024 Intake is open now