About the Course

The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a full-time advanced study and research programme, for a three-year period. Each candidate shall submit a thesis on the approved subject within 6 months after the three-year period. This PhD programme has been designed to provide training in advanced and comprehensive legal research methodology. At the same time, it will expose a candidate to the diversity and complexity of intellectual challenges that entails legal scholarship. The programme offers emerging scholars an opportunity to contribute to the development of law as an academic field within and outside Sri Lanka. Furthermore, it paves an alternate pathway into the teaching of law, alongside the existing routes.


The Faculty of Law will allocate a research supervisor for each candidate depending on their preferred area of study. While it may not always be possible to accommodate the preferences of incoming graduate students. Depending on the required area of expertise, students may also be assigned with supervisors from outside the Faculty of Law.

Candidates are expected to meet their supervisors routinely throughout the programme to discuss the progress of the research. The Supervisor will work closely with the candidate, discuss his/her work, and provide feedback and advice.

Application for 2023 Intake is available now