The Department of Commercial Law offers this short course of three months duration to cater private and public sector employees who need basic knowledge in Business Law.

This is the first Certificate Course of the Faculty of Law and it is being introduced by the Department of Commercial Law. The certificate in Business Law programme is designed to provide basic knowledge in business law for interested persons who have not obtained any formal and basic knowledge in the field of business law. This is also a great opportunity for those who are engaged in business to get to know the applicable business law in Sri Lanka. This  course  is  at  an  introductory  level  and  the  curriculum  of  this  course  is  framed  to introduce the areas of law that are part and parcel of the day-to-day life of an ordinary citizen.

The  deadline for  submitting the  applications for the CERTIFICATE COURSE IN BUSINESS LAW (CBL) – 2024 has been extended until 20th April 2024.