The Certificate Course in Business Law consists of 06 compulsory modules of 9 hours each. Each hour lecture requires 3 hours of self-study of guided reading.

Module 1 –  Introduction

1.1 Introduction to Law
1.2 Introduction to Commercial Law in Sri Lanka
1.3 Common law and applicable law
1.4 Divisions of law; private & public, civil & criminal
1.5 Court hierarchy and jurisdiction
1.6 Importance and Applicability of case law

Module 02 – Formation of contract & consideration

2.1 Elements and requisites of contract
2.2 Different types of contracts
2.3 Offer and acceptance
2.4 Consideration and justa causa

Module  03 –  Terms of Contract & Termination of contracts

3.1 Contractual terms and their importance
3.2 Factors vitiating a valid contract
3.3 Modes of Termination
3.4 Remedies
3.5 Measure of Damages

Module 04 : Consumer Rights

4.1 Consumer Rights under the Consumer Affairs Authority Act
4.2 Rights under the Sale of Goods Ordinance
4.3 Rights under the Common Law
4.4 Unfair Trade Practices
4.5 Remedies

Module 05: Payment methods in commercial contract

5.1 Promissory notes
5.2 Cheques
5.3 Special features of Bills of Exchange Ordinance
5.4 Payment system under International Sales

Module 06: Information Technology Law

6.1 Inevitable combination of Commerce and IT
6.2 Emerging issues in Information Technology
6.2 Electronic offer & electronic acceptance
6.3 On-line marketing
6.4 Law applicable to Social Media Network


1. Wickrema Weerasooriya,  A Textbook of Commercial Law
2. Cooray LJM, An Introduction to the Legal Sytem of Sri Lanka
3. Paul Dobson, Charlesworth’s Business Law
4. Varshney GK, Fudamentals of Mercantile Law
5. Peddinna Mohana Rao, Mercantile Law
6. Nigel Savage & Robert Bradgate, Business law
7. Sunil  DB  Abeyratne,  Introduction  to  information    and  Communication  and  Communication Technology Law
8. John N Adams & Roger Brownsword, Understanding Contract Law
9. Kalinga Indatissa, Law Relating to Computer Crimes and a Commentary On the Computer Crimes Act 24 of 2007
10. Kalinga Indatissa, Basic Principles of electronic Commerce and a Commentary on the Electronic Transactions Act No 19 of 2006
11. Nandan Kamath, Law Relating to Computers, Internet & E-Commerce