A candidate who fails to secure a pass mark in the first attempt will be permitted to undertake additional TWO attempts only. Attendance will not be considered for the 2nd or 3rd attempt. In such an event, the candidate will be marked out of 20% for an assignment component which the candidate has to do afresh and he/she will be marked out of 80% for the Course-End Examination. The pass mark will remain the same as prescribed above. However, such a repeat candidate will not be eligible for Merit Pass or Distinction Pass even though he/she might have secured marks equivalent to them.

A candidate who could not sit for the Course-End Examination due to medical reasons or any other valid reasons, supported by documentary evidence acceptable to the University may be excused from sitting the Course-End Examination and such Examination will not be considered as an attempt. However, the candidate shall take the Course-End Examination at the very next attempt when it is held.