Students are required to complete continuous assessments (term papers), and a semester-end examination for each subject. They are also required to complete a supervised thesis, which is a prerequisite to obtain the LL.M degree.

(i) Continuous Assessments/ Term Papers

Students are required to complete one to two term papers with respect to each of the subjects offered.

(ii)  Thesis

The LL.M Thesis is a substantial research paper, which should meet the standards for publication. A Supervisor will be appointed to guide the students on the Thesis. Such supervisor may be a faculty member or an outside expert specialized in the field in which the student intends to write the thesis.

Compulsory Research Methodology lectures will also be conducted to help students carry out their research.

(iii)  Semester-end Written Examinations

Students are required to sit for a written examination for each subject offered at the end of each semester.