The Career Guidance Unit has been established at the Faculty of Law to provide undergraduates career counselling, career information service, opportunities for professional networking, internships and for integration of career guidance into the co-curricular activities at the Faculty.
Career prospects in law are diverse and include opportunities in the official bar, the private bar, the Judiciary, academia, the corporate sector, law firms, international organisations, the public service and non-governmental organizations. Employment opportunities are available in Sri Lanka and beyond for graduates of the Faculty. The LLB degree provides undergraduates pathways to higher studies, professional development and more broadly equips you to flourish as an individual and serve your community.
The Unit functions under the Dean of the Faculty and partners with the Career Guidance Unit of the University. The Unit collaborates with all relevant stakeholders in the legal sector in seeking to serve the undergraduates at the Faculty.

The Career Guidance Unit
Faculty of Law
University of Colombo
P.O. Box 1490,
Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.